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Your health is unique and requires a plan that is specific to you.


Acupuncture works with your body’s innate intelligence to re-balance your system and create proper energy and blood flow. A medical treatment rooted in the ancient science of Yin and Yang and a growing
interest in modern science.  

The effectiveness of acupuncture is demonstrated in the clinical results. Consequently, western researchers have become curious and started taking a closer look. Here are some findings on the scientific
mechanism of acupuncture. 

  • Causes chemical changes at a cellular level and increase cellular conductivity via the connective tissue .

  • Increases blood flow and circulation- seen by doppler ultrasound.

  • Decreases pain – MRI readings show that the stimulation of acupuncture points illicit observable changes in the brain (one of which is for pain).

Acupuncture for fertility
Chinese herbs for fertility

Chinese Herbal Medicine

The powerful healing properties of herbs are a safe and effective method to not only treat your symptoms but correct the root cause of disease. 

As part of our comprehensive care, each herbal blend is customized to fit your unique pattern of symptoms and health presentation. 

Your herbal formula is specific for you and changes as you improve. There is no one size fits all prescription. 

As a board-certified herbalist, we take extra precaution and care to ensure quality control and safety for each patient.



Cupping is a wonderful modality for pain relief and much more! The cups gently pull the fascia and muscle upward, allowing any inflammation, toxicity and stagnant blood flow to surface and be eliminated. This therapy is also used to prevent and treat colds and flus. 

Cupping provides a great deal of muscle tension and stress relief and many of our patients love to add this therapy onto their acupuncture treatments.


Moxibustion is a form of topical heat therapy that uses an herb called Ai Ye to areas of the body and acupuncture points. 

Moxibustion creates an overall warming and circulating effect to the blood and qi and thereby decreases pain, inflammation and what Chinese medicine understands as “coldness” in the body. 

Moxibustion is such an effective therapy for women’s health conditions that it is used as an adjunctive therapy in every acupuncture treatment. We also use moxa to help turn breech babies

Tui Na

Tui na is a form of manipulative therapy that uses various massage techniques that are based in Chinese medical theory. 

At YinBloom, we end each acupuncture treatment with a relaxing and focused tui na massage as well as incorporate massage into each session according to the needs of the patient. This allows for a comprehensive and relaxing experience.

Nutrition for fertility


Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations are an essential part of YinBloom’s comprehensive care approach.


Whether you are trying to conceive, correct hormonal imbalances or optimize nutrition during pregnancy, we can guide you. Our recommendations are based on both western and Chinese medicine nutritional principles.


Many of our patients enjoy the recommendations provided towards creating a fertile diet, reducing cravings and improving overall health. We believe in using food and healthy lifestyle practices as your #1 medicine and will create a plan specific for you.

Nutrient Therapy

Natural supplements are sometimes recommended to address any deficiencies and support your body’s natural healing ability.